MSK x Moninga

by AA.VV.

Aqua+ - Alba 05:01


All 2020 proceeds on Bandcamp will go to projects.
please buy on #BandcampFriday to better support our friends.

Moninga is more than a festival in our hometown, Modena.
Moninga ONLUS is a young voluntary association, founded in 2015, which operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in particular at the Pediatric Foundation of Kimbondo.

Moninga supports a voluntary service without welfare intentions, with a planning approach and sustainable goals, so that the young generations of the DRC, thanks to adequate moral and educational support, can become the future protagonists of the growth of their country.

Thanks to the artists and everyone who will support our music and Moninga.

Artists Involved:

Imaginary Part is all about the relationship between science and art, drawing the abstract beauty out of this traditionally analytical subject.
Davide takes inspiration from a mathematical notion to bring his first solo project to life. In Mathematics complex numbers are made from a real part and an imaginary part. Without the imaginary part they are purely real. Imaginary Part is an escape from reality, taking inspiration from ambient, downtempo and abstract soundtracks.

Delhikate is label-head Alberto Bello solo act, born in 2008.
this project is nothing but another demonstration of Alberto’s wide interest in the various facets of electronic music, from organic ambient landscapes to synthetic warm 4/4 strictly for midnight vultures.

Aqua+ is an anonymous project that started in 2020. Inspired by cities, the project aims to portrait the difficulties and the sentiment of the landscapes with field recordings, lo-fi percussions, and Italian vocal samples from songs, speeches, and movies. Sampling is a crucial aspect of the project, dragging from not casual sources but from autobiographical experiences. The anonymity is vital to be real and tell only the sonic truth.
The pride inside the language is essential for the project. Italian allows the producer to explain the sentiment behind the songs as the producer heard it in real life


released September 4, 2020

Track 1
Produced and Mixed by Davide Cuoghi aka Imaginary Part
Mastering by Daddario

Track 2
Produced and Mixed by Alberto Bello aka Delhikate
Mastering by Daddario

Track 3
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Aqua+


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